Americans Show Much How Their Hospital Bills Decrease After Requesting Itemized Receipts

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By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

American citizens are claiming to have saved hundreds and even thousands of dollars on their hospital bills after requesting itemized billing.

After a Twitter user called Yolanda posted about how her bill was slashed from $4000 to $950 after she had asked for a breakdown of everything she had been charged for, a whole lot of other people shared similar experiences of their own.

Another individual told of how it was possible to get a 70 percent reduction on the bill. Just by phoning the hospital and telling them that he couldn’t afford it.

It really seems that just a simple query – asking for more details of what one is paying for, could change your life in terms of not getting into debt.

This was the case with Lyss, who says she saved over $10K.

It makes one wonder what the medical institutions are really up to, and how much they actually overcharge patients and get away with it.

As this Twitter post below pointed out, hospitals don’t seem to have much problem hugely reducing their bills – when asked to.

Don’t fall into the same trap –  always query your hospital bills

If you didn’t know before, now you know! Don’t settle for what the invoice says – query it, request itemized billing. Or as some have suggested, take it up the chain of command, ask to speak to a supervisor or manager.

Check your bill for issues like double charges, extortionate prices for basic items. Or charges for procedures which never took place.

And be wary of accepting basic medication such as a headache tablet for which you could be seriously overcharged. Or of being taken in for tests which are irrelevant to your condition.

The issue of medical aid fraud is another factor to consider when you find your invoice vastly more expensive than expected.

In some instances, people have even achieved results by threatening to take their stories to the media.

As you can see in some of these posts below, it pays off to fight for your rights!

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