This 9-year-Old “Sells” His Custom Pet Paintings For Food and Supplies For Animal Shelters

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory
Even the youngest of us can make a sea change in society only if we have the determination and dedication to do so. This is being proven by Pavel Abramov, who took up the responsibility of helping an animal shelter. The boy sells custom pet portraits in exchange for food and other supplies for the animal shelter. 

This idea came to his brilliant little mind when his family lost their pet “Barsik”. It had a great impact on his juvenile mind and since then he couldn’t bear to see stray animals suffering. About one year ago, Pavel and his mom Ekaterina Bolshakova started the “Kind Paintbrush” project.

Living in Arzamas city in Russia, the mom-son duo has also been managing “What a little volunteer is capable of?” This is a group on VK- a Russian social media site. It shows how a child is capable of bringing about huge changes. They don’t get any funds from any organization; neither do they have a manager or employees. It’s just the two of them and their patrons.

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Pavel makes a contract with pet owners whereby the boy sells custom pet portraits of their pets in exchange for food, medicines, toys, etc., for dogs living in the animal shelter. What is more interesting is that he meets the pets whom he drew after finishing the painting. He likes getting to know about the rescue story of every single pet, of how they came to live with their current family.

This project has got a great response from pet owners and animal lovers, not only in Russia but across the world! People from countries like Germany and Spain even have got custom paintings made by Pavel.
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The 9-year-old kid is the youngest among all the volunteers of the sole animal shelter in Arzamas. It cares for more than 100 dogs and thus needs pet supplies regularly. The boy sells custom pet portraits to the pet owners and in return asks for whatever supplies the shelter requires at that time.

Chuck’s portrait was exchanged for skin medicine, buckwheat (5 kg), and canned dog food (10 cans).

Ksyusha’s portrait: canned dog food, buckwheat(6 kg), some medicines, and bandages.

Jesse’s portrait: offal(7 kg) and buckwheat(3 kg).

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The painting of Tuzik, Rex, Lusya, and Keks was made for canned beef, milk, cereals, a packet of dry food, and some trimmings.

This portrait of Basi was given to Natalia which fetched buckwheat(10 kg) and pearl barley(10 kg).

Ekaterina Bolshakova says that the whole family takes pride in their son’s project “Kind Paintbrush”. As every kid of his age, Pavel wants to do several things and thus runs short of time. He wants to become an architect and build an animal shelter. Well, for now, what he is doing is enough because not every boy sells custom pet portraits in exchange for food and other supplies for a shelter!

You can see more of Pavel’s works here: | Instagram

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