These Kids Claim They Remember Their Past Lives, Here Are Some Examples Of What They Shared

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

It is extremely challenging and entertaining to raise kids. It might be cumbersome at times but the journey to raise those children offers several things that the parent can laugh about in the future. Sometimes the events might be so strange that it becomes unclear if the parents should laugh about it or freak out about situations that their kids present.


There are countless cases of kids claiming to remember their “past lives”.

TapiocaTuesday asked his community members to share spooky ‘past life’ incidents that their kids had recalled. The members dropped their own stories by the thousands.

We have selected some of the most interesting ones, so let us know what you feel about them and drop in your kid stories too in the comments below. 

1: Meeting The Grandmother

User DSDIK shared his version of a story where his daughter saw his grandmother. 

‘When my daughter was 3 and starting to talk clearer was talking to someone and concerned I walked into the bedroom and no one was there. Initially, I thought it was her playing with her toys. Days later the same scenario but this time I asked who she was talking to and she replied “your grandma”.

I thought she meant my mom who had recently passed so I showed a pic of her and asked is this her? “No your grandma” was the reply. I found a picture of my grandma and she with a big smile said: “yes, her”.

I was shocked since I don’t have pictures of my grandma displayed and she died in 1991 and my daughter was born in 2015.’


2: Visit To Budapest

User DrPirate42 was the kid in this particular story.

“I don’t believe in the paranormal. I’m a pretty reasonable guy. I have degrees in science and healthcare and I’m pretty grounded. But since I was a child, I had a memory of me stumbling out the backdoor of a club, I couldn’t hold myself (either really drunk or on drugs) and I slipped down a staircase, hit my head in the alley, and died. I was about 19, I was thin, had long blonde hair, and I was wearing a brown-red leather jacket.

I remember the neon signs, the staircase, the door I walked out of, and even the interior. I can paint the picture perfectly if I had any talent in art.

ANYWAYS! So 2 years ago, I took a leisure trip to Budapest, and while exploring the ruin pubs with my wife. I FOUND THE FU*KING ALLEY! It was funny because I remarked to my wife earlier when we arrived, that I felt something about Budapest that felt like ‘home’ and familiar and I felt oddly too comfortable there like I could have never left.

I think about this quite often.”

Dr. Jim Tucker is the director of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia and has been focussing on cases of young kids who recalled their past lives. He wrote a book on the same topic and mentioned that kids, 2-5 years old, tend to speak about memories of a previous life that they “claimed” to have lived.

He advised their parents to not prompt them for further information nor prevent them from saying such things. 

3: Royal Blood

 User grandmaoftheyoung shared her own kid story in the community.

“Not a parent, I remember telling my mom when I was about 3 about my “royal family” I still have this cryptic memory of standing in a desert with a dark shallow pool, the sun was setting, and my younger brother reaches down and splashes the water in the pool, and everyone got very upset.

There was something sacred about this pool. It has always been a lasting memory for me. I met someone when I was 16, and we stayed friends when we were 18 we talked about reincarnation, and he told me the exact same story only from the brother’s perspective. I had never told him about my memory. Still freaks me out to this day.”

4: The Train

User fragnoli was the child in this case.

‘I was the kid in this case. I don’t remember any of this, but when I was 4 we traveled to Ireland to visit my dad’s grandparents. We were walking through a shopping area when I started yelling about wanting to see the train and ran into a shop.

My parents ran in after me as I was going nuts about some train. There was no train, it was a clothing store. The woman working there asked my parents what I was doing as I was just running around frantically. I finally yelled “the train!”. I had found, in the back of the store, a framed newspaper clipping from the 1940s of the front window of this shop when it was a toy store and there was a big model train scene set up.”


5: The Strange Friend

This story was shared by User nanakarobiyaoki.

‘My daughter, when she was 3, used to talk about her imaginary friend all the time. Said he was big and fun and spent a lot of time playing with her.

One day I was scanning old photos and had a photo of my father on my desk and she said, “Hey how did you get a photo of my friend?”

I instantly got shivers down my spine. My father died in the house ~15 years previously, and she played in a room that used to be his office.

I cautiously asked her to tell me more about her friend, and without hesitating, she told me he talked funny. The chills stopped me dead in my tracks because dad was an Aussie who never lost his accent.’

6: The Rebirth

User Impius_Operandi shared a truly weird scenario.

‘My 5-year-old daughter said to me “I was in your belly twice, Mama. The first time I died before I came out…but I came back. “

I did lose my first pregnancy 8 months before getting pregnant again. She was never told. I don’t know what it was but- that’s what happened.’

7: Show Your Fangs

User Scubapro54 shared his kid story in TapiocaTuesday’s community.

‘In 2006 my best friend Nick was KIA in Iraq. We used to wrestle/fight until one of us submitted. These sessions would start randomly and always be initiated by “showing your fangs”. This involved pointing your pointer and middle finger down in front of your mouth while growling at the other person.

A couple of weeks after his death some family from the other side of the country that we only see every 5 years or so was visiting. My cousins’ son who was about 5 and who I never met prior to this visit comes over. He gives me the fangs and smiles. I asked him “where did you learn that?” He says “Your friend says hi” and runs away. I went to my room and cried for a bit.’

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