These Clever, Satirical Images Describe Everything Wrong With The World

modern society 2
By Mike Sygula,

Gunduz Aghayev is a brilliant cartoonist from Azerbaijan who is not afraid to raise awareness about some of the biggest issues in the world. His artwork depicts modern problems like social media addiction or mindless consumption of trashy television. His interests are very broad and he can spot the underlying problems in many different areas of society. Things like religious indoctrination from a very early age. He also puts a strong emphasis on political art and conflicts around the world.

In 1998-2002 he studied in Azerbaijan State Painters’ Academy. His first exhibition was held in 2004. The second exhibition of his works was held in Baku Muesum Center. His exhibitions were held outside of the country, as well. He took part in exhibitions held in Russia (2008), Turkey (2011) as well as “Friendship” exhibition held by the French embassy in 2002 and international artistry exhibition held in Turkmenistan in 2013. Also, he participated in the “Art for democracy” project. As a protest against injustice in his country he turned to cartoon genre and faced strong pressure; he was sacked of all projects. After constant pressure, in 2014 he left Azerbaijan.



modern society 2

3. Social Media Addiction

iphon siqareti

3. Make America Great

modern society 4

4. Figget Spinner Slave
modern society 10


5. War Child


6. McDonald’s

editorial illustration 8

7. Imposing Religion

religion 1

8. War is Show Business

modern society 5

editorial illustration 5

Cartoonist Gunduz Agayev


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