The Youngest Nobel Prize Nominee Greta Thunberg Considers Asperger’s To Be A ‘Gift’

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

While most of us would be reeling from what we suffer, Greta Thunberg is different. Her fight against Asperger’s isn’t one where she wants to completely get rid of it and go back to a normal life involving friends and school work. No, her fight against Asperger’s is more of a mutual coexistence where she claims that this affliction has helped her understand climate change better. In her words, it is a gift that has allowed her to see past the government’s ‘lie’.

Recently, she made headlines due to her stance against global warming and climate change. Greta Thunberg is just a 16-year-old girl from Sweden, who decided to skip school every Friday in order to protest before the Swedish Parliament with a hand-held sign that said ‘School Strike for Climate’. This quickly catapulted her to the spotlight. Now, her recent outings are mostly attending debates with Government heads.

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Greta has never considered her affliction to be earth-shattering or something that would potentially destroy her. In fact, she is of the opinion that her Asperger’s actually helped her see the world in a different way. Now, while Asperger syndrome does fall in the category of Autism, most of them might not have the same problem in learning and understanding language or having a slurred speech. In her interview with Nick Robinson of BBC Radio 4, she mentions how being different has helped her see the world in black and white, and how that definitely helps her in her stance against the notion of climate change being a farce.

Thunberg believes that when it comes to the climate, the very world that you live, you can’t make compromises. You need to be sustainable, or you aren’t. There is no middle ground, for if you cheat on basic sustainability, it is the future generation that would suffer.

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For her efforts, Greta has received a lot of praise on social media. Twitterati has been impressed by the way she has researched, documented and placed her facts before people who were sly enough to not do anything about it in the past. People thrice her age have been swayed by the yearning and conviction in her voice.

The young Nobel Peace prize nominee told BBC Radio 4 that she used to stay depressed at the age of 11, seeing the increasing ecological crisis that no one seemed to care about. This ‘existential crisis’ as she calls it, could only be over when she decided to do something about it. And she did.

In her visit to the UK, she told Extinction Rebellion protestors that they were doing their part in convincing and conserving the environment. In her extremely vocal tour of the country, she was met with tremendous cheers as she got up on the Marble Arch and thundered about how the politicians had gotten away with a lot, but wouldn’t anymore.

Ecological crisis is not a joke, and this teenager is proving it all the way. Maybe it’s time for us to contribute to her battle – or rather, a battle of our own survival.


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