New $1 BILLION Star Wars Theme Park At Walt Disney World Looks Impressive (Photos)


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

Does this ring a bell? Congratulations, you are a true Star Wars fan and we have some great news in store for you. The Force will be with you because Disney World is all set to get a brand-new addition to their theme park, based on the iconic Star Wars franchise!

It is set across 14 acres and is reportedly costing $1 billion to complete. It will be ready by August 29th, 2019 and honesty, we can’t keep calm!

Star Wars: Galaxy Edge is already looking oh-so-grand. Take a look at these gorgeous pictures of this wonder in Florida. The mammoth size has managed to awestruck all the fans of the sci-fi film franchise. The structures that are visible, amidst all the diggers and cranes, look amazing already. We can vouch for the fact that the park is going to have some really cool rides. The main attraction is the new technologically advanced ride that is bound to lure fans from across the world.

Here’s something even more exciting, the park is rumored to have a huge replica of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon, the ultimate spacecraft. What is fun without food? The place will have a special chain of restaurants inspired by Star Wars. Oga’s Cantina and Ronto Roasters are two of the many. Do you think they will have cantina band performing the legendary song, “Mad About Me”? Guess we’ll know with time.

Also, as you all might know that Disney food joints refrain from selling alcohol but this spot is an exception. Now that’s called the best of both the worlds! There will be a similar park in California Disneyland too, for all Californians.

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Now comes the tricky bit. The tickets will be on the higher range as we all can imagine. This year in January, Disney revised the price of the tickets. For Star Wars: Galaxy Edge, you need to pay $104 for a whole day ticket, which will increase during summer weekends to around $149.

Save up to splurge on the themed merchandise, futuristic rides and Star Wars themed drinks this summer!

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