The Life Mission Of This Guy Is To Erase All Hate Symbols One At A Time

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By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

Under the banner ‘erasing hate’ Corey Fleischer has been working tirelessly for nearly a decade to eradicate hate signs.

Now, the killing of George Floyd by a police officer has once again brought to the forefront the great injustices, inequalities and divisions which exist in society. And more than ever, Corey is needed to ‘erase hate, one graffiti at a time,’ as his motto goes.

Prior to becoming a hate warrior, Corey ran a graffiti removal company. He therefore had the tools to turn his job into a hobby and ultimately into a calling.

He’s now become addicted to the feeling of erasing hate. “Its like drugs,” Corey previously said. “It’s an extremely euphoric feeling. It’s something that I’ve never been able to explain.”

It all started when while visiting a client in the suburbs, he noticed a swastika on a concrete block. He kept driving, but couldn’t get the hateful image out his head and came back later to erase it.

Since that moment, Corey has continued on his mission and tries to help anyone who reports hateful graffiti.

Initially his efforts were focussed on his hometown on Montreal, Canada. But over the last few years, he’s taken his mission to a global scale. Using social media or the Erasing Hate app, people can report hateful graffiti, tags and the like to Corey, who then uses a growing army of volunteers to get the job done.

On a mission to end global hate

Whether its an obscure hateful slogan or a prominent public display, Corey and his team want to erase it all. “We remove hate anywhere in the world, free of charge,” he said.

Corey’s Instagram page has over 100K followers and the removal of the hate messages are usually captured on video and posted on social media, along with a dedication.

In 2018 for example, while working on a Montreal sidewalk in 2018, he referenced the massacre which had taken place at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Now of course as racial injustice is rightly under the spotlight, Corey’s mission to end hate has become even more important and he’s been spreading that message:

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