The LAFD Has Hired The First Ever Firefighting Robot In The USA

LAFD Robot Firefighter

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) has secured the assistance of a firefighting robot to quell fires in the city. LAFD is the first fire department to use Robotics Systems 3, with an armored yellow exterior and water canon, to march into fires where human firefighters cannot. 

LAFD Chief, Ralph Terrazas, stated that he could afford to lose one of these wondrous firefighting robots but not a firefighter. The RS3 is a suitable alternative to enter blazing buildings and ignition sites. They can pacify massive explosions without human casualties as acknowledged by L.A. City Councilwoman, Monica Rodriguez. 


RS3 in Action

RS3, the firefighting robot,  proved to be a game-changer when firefighters were withdrawn from the building with a raging fire on Tuesday. The robot is a smart car-sized and can easily enter through double doors. With the plow front, it drove into the burning structure with ease and brought the situation under control. RS3 made it possible to quell such a destructive fire by spraying water from within. 

The firefighting robot acts as a human substitute and strides straight into the center of the fire site. Several high-definition and infrared video cameras act as the eyes and ears of the fire department and locate targets and source of the flames. 

It was a RoboCop moment when the RS3 stomped past the firefighters, into the ravenous fire. Experienced firefighters were hypnotized. 

This firefighting robot has a huge capacity of discharging 2,500 gallons of water or foam per minute. During a demonstration, Terrazas admiringly said that the force of the spray can blast off walls and roofs.  Water can be sprayed vertically from the cannon and function as a sprinkler system. Such multi-function systems can greatly improve the ways of tackling fires. 

It released thousands of gallons of water, during a demonstration and shoved a Chevy Celebrity like a USC lineman with the help of its plow. Though it is designed to function in urban areas, it can easily mount a 70-degree slope. 

A firefighter can remotely operate the RS3 firefighting robot or be tied to it. It can operate for 10 hours with the help of the heat-shielding equipment. It can haul up to 1,750 pounds on the 5,000-pound crane. 


Firefighting Robots Across the Globe

The technology of the RS3 is also applied in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other nations around the globe. Many oil companies have registered to acquire such fire extinguishing robots. 

Howe and Howe Technologies is the creator of the RS3 and the chassis, which is used to detonate improvised explosives devices. The chassis has already been tested and approved as a durable robot to disarm IEDs. 


The Los Angeles Police Department bomb squad also possesses a BatCat, a 39,000-pound remote control vehicle, with gigantic telescopic arms and looks like a forklift truck on steroids. 

The firefighting robot has been allocated to one of Los Angeles’ busiest part, Fire Station 3. It is a part of the Urban Search and Rescue team.  RS3 was acquired by non-profit fundraising that raised $272,000. With the help of the major donor, Elon Musk, the RS3 was added with a plow, bells, and whistles. Terrazas confirmed that RS3 can reach any part of L.A. in a short time and eagerly wait to see how it functions.

Image Credit: Screenshot LAFD 

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