5-Year-Old Boy Sent A Baby Yoda Doll To Keep Firefighters Company On The Front Line

firefighters with a baby Yoda doll

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

While a massive fire rages on in the West Coast, a 5-year-old from Oregon is helping firefighters. The frontline firefighters received the foot-tall Baby Yoda doll from the Oregon boy. It was a symbol of gratitude for their tireless battle against the wildfires.

Carver and his grandmother hail from Scappoose, Oregon. The Tinnings were shopping one day when they saw the last Baby Yoda doll on a shelf. Baby Yoda is also known as ‘The Child’ from “The Mandalorian” series on Disney+. Baby Yoda is the childhood version of Yoda, who appears in the Star Wars films.


Grandma Tinning explained to KPTV how the doll was calling out to them. It was as if the doll wanted Carver to choose it. Carver loves to make people smile and he thought of the lonely firefighters who were away from their families. So they decided to drop off the Baby Yoda doll at a firefighters’ supply drive. Carver also attached a hand-written note of thanks to the firefighters. 

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baby Yoda doll


Naturally, the frontline firefighters were more than happy to witness this act of gratitude. They decided to circulate the Baby Yoda doll so that everyone got some with it. In an interview with The Register-Guard, Marcus Kauffman said that the doll was a “source of light and ‘Force’ in the world.” Marcus is a representative of the Oregon Department of Forestry.

The Journey of the Baby Yoda Doll

The doll now has a Facebook page to record its travels and experiences. Grandma Tinning told KPTV how heartwarming it was to see the firefighters holding the toy. They were usually covered from head to toe in protective gear and the toy seems to be a ray of hope in such desperate times. 

The Beachie Creek Fire has already burned 200,000 acres in Oregon. Latest predictions suggest that the West Coast fires will cost the country over $20 billion for the damage it is bringing. Carver’s Baby Yoda doll is surely lifting a lot of spirits in such a situation. May the Force be with the front line firefighters!

Images: Tyler Lessard Eubanks

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