The Beauty Of These Iranian Ceilings Are Hypnotizing


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Instagram has its uses apparently, as one Iranian photographer is taking their viewers on a visual orgasm by uploading pictures of Iranian architecture and art. The blogger who goes by the name ‘m1rasoulifard’ has uploaded pictures of quite a few Irania monuments that include most cultural complexes, and places of worship. And let’s just put it out there- the structural complexity and the ingrained intricacies of several places, like the Jameh mosque, or Chaharbagh school, are a treat to the eyes.

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As it is very well documented, Iran boasts of quite a rich culture and heritage which has given rise to several buildings that might look modest on the borders, but they are a palimpsest to what the inside can be- stunning, and filled with ornamentation to the brim. One recurring theme in the blogger’s wall has been the patterns in the ceilings, and how they seamlessly flow into the adjoining walls, after being wrapped around the domed ceiling. And his proficiency to his craft is noted as he captures the abstract designs, and the cut and snipped compositions, which are in a way tied to Iranian architecture, and Iranian history at the very roots.

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architecture history of iran m1rasoulifard designboom 02Ceiling of Hazrat-Masoumeh Mosque in Qom, Iran

architecture history of iran m1rasoulifard designboom 03Sheikh lotfollah mosque in isfahan, iran

architecture history of iran m1rasoulifard designboom 05Ceiling of jāmeh mosque of isfahan, iran

architecture history of iran m1rasoulifard designboom 10Ceiling of sheikh-lotfollah mosque in isfahan, iran

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