‘Scared, Wet, And Hungry’ Sloth Saved From River In Slowest-Ever Rescue [Video]

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By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Sloths are funny creatures. Their main purpose is to lounge about, and when they do move, it’s at an incredibly slow pace. For this reason, rescuing one will never be a quick task. Fortunately, it’s always an adorable one. 

Recently, a group of resort workers in Panama found the treetop mammal in a river current. They described the sloth as “scared, wet and hungry.” As GoodNewsNetwork reports, they likely were unaware that sloths are surprisingly strong swimmers.

Because they couldn’t just leave the sloth, the workers attempted a rescue on March 13. It took place at Junglewood Falls on the Mamoni River and was captured on phone. Watch the video below:

While the sloth clings onto some rocks, a clever worker offers it a branch to climb onto. Slowly, so slowly, the sloth moved each claw to grab hold of the limb. Eventually, the drenched animal was pulled from the river, carried through a field of boulders, and released into the forest once again.

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Though it’s hard to tell, the sloth seemed grateful for the ride back to its home. It started eating immediately — likely because it was starved. Then, it did what sloths do best: sleep.

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