Subway To Debut Plant-Based Beyond Meatball Marinara Sub At 685 stores

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

With news of climate change bombarding us from every corner of the world, more and more people have started giving up meat for the sake of the environment. Many others go meatless because they can’t bear the idea of animals being slaughtered and living less than ideal lives before that. Either way, many have stopped using animal products altogether and have opted to follow the vegan lifestyle. This sudden increase in popularity has ensured that even big brands and franchises have caught on to it and are now trying out options to entice vegan customers as well.

The latest big name to do so is Subway. Recently, Subway revealed that they were planning to serve the Beyond Meat Marinara sub which is completely made out of plant-based ingredients at over 600 locations in the United States and in Canada. The product is only going to be available for a limited time as they’re still just trying it out.

In collaboration with Beyond Meat, Subway will be testing the reception for vegan protein choices from next month onwards. Their latest sub will feature meatballs that are completely made out of plants by Beyond Meat. They look and taste almost like meat and they’re served in a marinara sauce base. Customers can even ask for vegan cheese to go with the dish. Each six-inch sub will contain about 24 gms of protein.

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According to Len Van Popering who is their Chief Brand and Innovation Officer, Subway’s appeal lies in the fact that they have something on the menu for everyone. Customers can now get the best of both sides with the new Beyond Meatball Marinara sub.

This was also in response to campaigns like Compassion Over Killing which have long been asking Subway to add choices for vegans on their menus. Check out their initiative at Many other famous franchises have also taken this step.

Why Should Omnivores Have All The Fun?

We’ll soon be seeing the Impossible Whopper at thousands of Burger Kings across the United States. Made in collaboration with Impossible Foods, the traditional meat patty has been replaced with a patty made of wheat and potato proteins, heme, and coconut oil. It can easily be mistaken for meat by the way it looks and tastes.

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Vegans also have the new Imposter Burger to look forward to which is being launched by KFC in the United Kingdom. Made out of Quorn chicken fillets, the patties will also be given a coating of the brand’s famous secret mixture of spices and herbs. The other components are lettuce and plant-based mayo.

The Imposter Burger was initially released for a test run that lasted about a month but since it has become almost overwhelmingly popular, it will probably become a permanent addition to KFC’s menu.

For all the vegans out there and for those who just want to try out something new, make sure you hit these locations quickly! They are limited editions and time is running out!


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