8 Year-Old Mexican Girl Wins Nuclear Sciences Prize For Inventing A Solar Water Heater


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Cultura Colectiva has reported that Xóchitl Guadalupe Cruz, an 8-year-old girl from Mexico (Chiapas), has been awarded UNAM’s Institute of Nuclear Sciences for creating a device, totally solar-powered, which can heat water. 

This device uses recycled and recyclable materials. Xóchitl’s invention might seem a tad unnecessary for 1st World Countries, but in her community, the only source of hot water is cutting up logs that would not only release fumes into the environment but also lead to deforestation.

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Xóchitl loves to participate in science projects and competitions and was quick to utilize her knowledge of technology to bring about change, first at home, and soon throughout the world.

This solar-powered water heater has the potential to help millions around the world who still depend on wood for heating water. It will save the environment while giving the users the comfort of a warm bath on a winter morning.

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Her family has installed her device on the roof of their house and it serves to provide hot water for her home. But this smart little girl always takes a bath very quickly, for her little brother needs some hot water to bathe too.

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This is a genius at 8 years of age. The future seems bright with such innovative and caring children around.

Source: Alfredo Alvarez, Imagen Television

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