Someone Donated $24K Worth Of Weed In A Cooler Box To Goodwill

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Donations come in all shapes and sizes and we have to always remember that it is the love behind it that matters. Everyone is blessed when we give joyfully and accept gratefully. It is the thought that counts. Employees at Goodwill were shocked when a cooler full of marijuana landed up at a Goodwill center in Monroe, Washington.

Employees were sorting through the donations when they made the unusual discovery. They called in the cops. Inside the cooler were 5 large, neatly packed bags of marijuana. For the cops, it was an unusual invitation. Usually, the calls are for shoplifters. The cannabis was tightly packed and seemed to be an unintended donation.

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Attempts to trace the owner failed as the cops could not ascertain if the cooler was delivered at that center or dumped at a trailer parked at a nearby town. Perhaps the donor was too shy to claim back something that he had already donated. Or perhaps it was a scorned lady out to get revenge.

Advocates for legalizing the pot are many. They say it is a leaf, not a drug and God put it there. So the government has no right to go against God.

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The claimants are many, but only on social media. For obvious reasons, nobody came forward to claim it. Debbie Williams of Monroe Police Department says nobody came through their doors. The surveillance cameras were not forthcoming.


It seems unbelievable but this cooler full of weed isn’t the coolest thing to come to Goodwill’s kitty. People also leave behind things by mistake along with their donation, things that they never intended to donate. One of the weirdest was three old human skulls donated in 2014. One was a century-old Native American skull. Goodwill took the help of the authorities to give it a burial. The other two were donated for medical research.

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The stash of cannabis eventually went to waste over time. It ended

up in the pile for the yearly burning of such stuff. Till then it was held as a piece of evidence. Weighing 3.75 pounds (1.7 kilograms), the hoard was worth $24,000 on the street.

As of now, it is illegal to possess more than an ounce of weed. And you can have it on you only if you’re above 21. The cooler stuff donated was 60 times above that limit.

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