Sir David Attenborough Sounds Extinction Warning To World Leaders

Sir David Attenborough

By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

Environmentalist Sir David Attenborough warned world leaders at a recent United Nations (UN) meeting that they need to work together and act now to prevent an extinction crisis.

This followed in the wake of a UN report in 2019 which calculated that a mind-blowing one million species are under threat of extinction.

Although we are not yet at an irreversible situation, time is quickly running out.

“The Report also tells us that it is not too late to make a difference, but only if we start now at every level from local to global,” said Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Chair, Sir Robert Watson.

Speaking at a more recent virtual UN event, Sir David Attenborough told international delegates including 65 heads of state and government officials that “if ever we needed a strong signal from world leaders, for people like you, that we are going to solve this, then this is now.”

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Among the main threats to species survival are the destruction of natural habitats to build cities, roads, railways and other infrastructure. A growing population is increasing the problem. So are hunting and activities such as mining and logging as well as climate change.

Increasing human encroachment into nature and exposure to wild animals is thought to be the reason behind some diseases and it’s believed by some scientists that Covid-19 originated from bats.

The attendees at the UN meeting signed a global pledge to reverse losses nature by 2030.

Boris Johnson promises to back Attenborough

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, also emphasized the need to act quickly.

“We cannot afford dither and delay because biodiversity loss is happening today and it is happening at a frightening rate,” he said.

Johnson pledged to increase the amount of protected land in the United Kingdom from the current 26% to 30% within the next 10 years.

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