Shocking: Photographer Captures A Sea Of Plastic Floating Near Caribbean Island

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By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

“Do you still use plastic garbage bags? Plastic soda bottles? Zip lock bags? Plastic wrap on your food? Do you buy toilet paper that comes wrapped in plastic instead of paper? Do you put your fruit and vegetables in produce bags at the grocery?”

Caroline Power Photography –

After capturing shocking images of plastic cutlery, bags, bottles and wrapping floating near the tranquil Caribbean island Roatan, photographer Caroline Power shared the pictures on social media and wrote a passionate Facebook post which challenged everyone to rethink their plastic usage. “Think about your daily lives,” she wrote.”How did you take your food to go last time you ate out? How was your last street food served? Chances are it was Styrofoam and served with a plastic fork and then put in a plastic bag.”

Caroline Power specialises in underwater photography. She captured the damage being done to the Honduran island of Roatan and revealed the extent to which we have negatively impacted our planet’s oceans.

“We were on a dive trip to a set of islands that don’t quite break the ocean surface. They are one of the most pristine dive sites in this part of the Caribbean,” Power recalled. “The photo of the diver in the water was actually over one of these seamounts. To see an area that is supposed to be pristine covered in garbage and trash was disheartening.”

She said they passed through floating garbage for “nearly five miles”, adding: “Everywhere we looked, plastic bags of all shapes and sizes: chip bags, ziplocks, grocery, trash, snack bags, other packaging. Some were whole and the rest were just pieces. Sadly, many turtles, fish, whales, and seabirds will mistake those bits of plastic for food.

“We then reached an area about two miles wide that had multiple trash lines that stretched from horizon to horizon.”

“There was also a seemingly infinite number of plastic forks, spoons, drink bottles, and plates. There were broken soccer balls, toothbrushes, a tv, and so many shoes and flip flops.”

By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish. By making small changes in our daily lives and reducing our plastic footprint, we can make a big difference in our environment.

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