Dying Professor’s Last Lecture Inspires You To Achieve Your Childhood Dreams (Video)


By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

What would you do if you knew that you were going to die? Would you be happy with the life you lived? Or, would you be filled with regret, knowing that you didn’t go for what you truly wanted out of life?

Professor Randy Pausch, a computer science professor was suffering from pancreatic cancer and only had a few months to live. He decided to share his final words of wisdom in a heartfelt lecture that inspires us all to live a life of passion and vigor.

“Today’s talk is not about death, it’s about life and how to live, specifically about childhood dreams, and about how you can try to achieve them.” – Randy Pausch

Pausch shares his childhood experiences, the lessons he learnt growing up and gives advice to students on how to achieve their own career and personal goals. Pausch’s moving lecture is highly influential and offers us practical advice that we can use in our daily lives. He died on July 25, 2008, leaving behind his wife and three children. Before his death, he also wrote a book called the The Last Lecture. This book combines humour, inspiration and intelligence that made his lecture so powerful.

Our time on this planet is finite. We should start to live our lives with the kind of haste that normally follows bad news. Lets face it, we all know that we are going to die one day. So why wait for that day to loom before deciding to act?


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