Previously Unseen Footage Shows Why Bruce Lee Is The Father Of Mixed Martial Arts

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BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Bruce Lee was not just a great martial artist and the first person we know of to really delve into the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), but he actually transcended martial arts all together. You see it wasn’t about kicking, punching and grappling. It was about the approach, take what works and discard that which doesn’t. Go deep within a subject (in this case martial arts) and no matter the depth of the subject, you only take what you need.  

This actually works for anything- cooking, building, science or any subject you want to enter for that matter. If you want to become a master, you need to first learn the subjects as they stand, before you can go into them with any depth. But once you understand what the subject is, you can then start to make it your own.

In the case of Bruce Lee it was not martial arts, it was about devouring the subject matter from books, absorbing wisdom from the masters and then taking the pieces that worked while discarding the rest. Martial arts made Bruce Lee famous, his approach made him successful, this film delves into what made Bruce Lee the man he was.

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