The Hidden Meaning Within Common Symbology


BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Shapes are an expression of numbers in space. Meaning that numbers are not actually a tangible thing, but you can make them tangible by expressing them as something outside of the simple name on the number. To give you an example 3 bricks become something you can physically see but the 3 part is just the measurement. To take this a step further, numbers can be turned into shapes and the number that represents that shape in accordance with the characteristics of the shape can be turned into words.

We live by symbols, most companies have logos, and the word logo is actually derived from the latin word “logos” which means words. Most countries have emblems and hidden within these emblems are sacred geometry and patterns which all hold hidden meanings. In this article I am going to talk about the most simple of symbols, the ones we all know as common shapes and my personal interpretation of their hidden meaning.


The circle is the most simple of shapes as it has just one simple line following itself. It is feminine in shape and numerologically holds the characteristics of 0 and 1. It represents human cycles such as birth, rebirth and women’s monthly cycles. It also represents lessons and how you can come full circle and end up where you started if you do not learn from life. A circle is also infinite in its form, it continues to go round and round, playing into the fact that life is a infinite group of cycles on many different levels.

It is also about self and how you need to reflect upon your decisions and learn from the cycles you pass through in life. It can also explain the chasing of the metaphorical tail and no matter how hard you chase you will never catch it.


The triangle holds the characteristics of 3 and is representative of the holy trinity- the father, the son and the holy spirit (or feminine depending on how you interpret) it is also about family (as in man, woman and child/ren) and creating and/or being the best mother, father or son/daughter you can be.

It can also be representative of the current power structure we have in most countries; with the few sitting at the top of the triangle, while the majority are at the bottom.


The square holds the characteristics of 4 which is representative of nature and the natural world. But also the artificial world created by humans.

Given the rigid and symmetrical nature of the square it is more to do with the world we create with our minds (the artificial physical reality). When you take one of the angles of a square you get 90 degrees, add up the 4 angles you get 360 this is about 3 and 6 which is the start of the ascension process, with the zero being like a magnifying glass being held up on the 3 and 6.

The square is also to do with stability, as is the triangle, but more so with the square. If you look at the structure of 4 legs to a table, this is what the square represents. Some other things are the four corners of the earth- north, south east and west. The four elements- earth, fire, air and water.


One thing that is interesting to note is the relationship between the shapes so far. The circle fits in the triangle, the square round the triangle and the hexagon around the square- there are more mystical and mathematically perfect relationships between the shapes which I will leave for this article. But they are all interrelated with each other in some way.

The Pentagon is a five sided shape which holds the characteristics of 5 which is about being the creator of our destiny and bringing something otherworldly into our consciousness to create a magical experience. This shape is also symbolic of the water element, magical healing and connection to the mystical. Some have related the pentagram (the five pointed star) with the devil, however it is my observation and feeling that shapes can be associated with darkness or light, it just depends how you use them. With this being said- the light always has an advantage over the dark- as darkness is just an absence of light, so all you need to do is shine your light for it to cease to exist.  

This is a simple introduction into what is an infinite subject. Please share this article if you have found it interesting!

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