Pregnant Cow Managed To Escape Slaughterhouse, Gave Birth 2 Days Later

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We can learn a lesson or two from Nature and its love for life. This story from 2018 proves that even if we think of cattle as just livestock, they have a very strong survival instinct. Perhaps, you have already heard of the story. But, give it a read once more to know about taking a leap of faith.

In what seems to be quite an interesting piece of news, a pregnant cow managed to escape a cattle truck that was in transit for a slaughterhouse in New Jersey. Following this, the cow gave birth to its calf- named Winter, who was born at the Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Wantage, on Saturday. Mike Stura, the founder of this sanctuary, stated that the calf was quite beautiful, and is currently safe- which was fortunate.

Pregnant Cow

The mother of Winter, Brianna, had a daring escape from a cattle truck that was driving on Route 80, and on its way to the abattoir. After she escaped, she led the police force on a goose chase all over the interstate. According to Jerry Speziale, the Director of the Paterson Police, Brianna had managed to kick open the door of the cattle trailer- which allowed her to escape. When she was finally captured, the sanctuary took her in.

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The Pregnant Cow’s Daring Escape 

The official Facebook page for the sanctuary wrote that the pregnant cow was less than 10 minutes from the slaughterhouse when she came hurtling out of the truck. When the original article was published, both the mother and the calf are pretty safe and are residing in the sanctuary. The week after her capture, Winter managed to take its first steps, and this moment was captured on several Skylands social networks, where one would be able to see both mother and daughter.

After the pregnant cow was cornered and finally harnessed, Mike Stura approached her and tried calming her down before she could be taken to his sanctuary.  In a Facebook update that followed this eventful journey, the sanctuary reported that they had Brianna with them, and they were going on their way to the vet. Not only was Brianna completely healthy, but she also had quite a surprise for the people in the sanctuary, who had let her out on the fresh grass of a new abode for the first time. 

The rescuer of the pregnant cow noticed that Brianna had started sniffing the ground and started looking around her pen. Now, for someone who fell out of a truck, she seemed to be in quite a stable condition- which was definitely a good sign as a couple of days later, she gave birth to Winter. 

Pregnant Cow

The Pregnant Cow Gave Birth to A Beautiful Calf

On the 29th of December, 2018, the pregnant cow’s rescuers surrounded her and started helping her. With the doctor being late and time being of the essence, it became even more important for them to help her out. In a Facebook post written during the birth of Winter, Skylands wrote that Brianna was now the proud member of Winter- a beautiful baby girl. The post perfectly captured the storm that had passed through Brianna’s life, with her being taken to a slaughterhouse while she was waiting. 


It has been two years since that fateful night and the family is definitely having an amazing time in the sanctuary. It all happened only because a pregnant cow had the courage to jump out of a moving truck and certain death. We wholeheartedly hope and believe that the mother and child had a safe life afterward. 


Image Credits: Skylands Sanctuary

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