Mother Elephant Tramples Crocodile To Death To Protect Her Calf

BRuan Van Zijl / Truth Theory

In October 2021, an elephant mama put her foot down when a crocodile got too close to comfort her calf at a watering spot in Zambia. Latest Sightings a safari footage app and website uploaded a video to their YouTube channel.

They wrote the following caption on the video: ” This unlucky crocodile found itself right underneath the feet of the world’s largest land mammal – the African Elephant, and, unfortunately, did not make it to see another day.”

Elephants can lift hundreds of pounds with their trunks, it is no surprize the elephant was able to dominate the crocodile so easily. The tons of pressure from the elephant “resulted in the inevitable death” of the crocodile,

Hans Henrik Haar A videographer recorded the video you can hear him shouting “I have video” to other onlookers. He told Latest Sightings the attack was “shocking”.

The founder of Latest Sightings Nadav Ossendryver told HuffPost that in his 10 years of sharing wildlife moments, he had never seen an elephant pounce on a croc before.

Live Science reported in 2019 of another case where a dead elephant was found lying on top of a squashed crocodile. In that case what happened after the struggle between the elephant and the crocodile the elephant just collapsed on the crocodile crushing it to death.

Representatives at the time in 2019 said: “All this made for a huge and happy meal for dozens of vultures,”

Image credit: Latest Sightings

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