Powerlifter Hailed As ‘Hero’ After He Lifts Jeep Off Of Injured Pedestrian

By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Ryan Belcher is being hailed as a “real life Hulk” after he used his strength to lift a crashed vehicle off of an injured man.

WXYZ reports that the 29-year-old owns a gym in Ypsilanti, Michigan. When he’s not running the business, he’s working on his own physique five days a week. Reportedly, he’s capable of bench-pressing and dead-lifting hundreds of pounds.

In recent days, Belcher’s strength was put to the test. After hearing a crash outside of his gym, Belcher walked outside to see a crowd surrounding two cars, one of which was a Jeep Cherokee. The vehicle was flipped upside down and was pinning a man.

Four volunteers were already struggling to move the SUV so they could free the driver. But, they’re efforts didn’t pan out. All of a sudden, Belcher’s vision narrowed. He grabbed the back of the Jeep, then began to lift up and push.

“From there, I just kind of got tunnel vision,” Belcher told MLive. “And then I grabbed the back, where the window was smashed out and lifted up and started pushing.”

He was able to move the 2-ton car just enough so that the man could move. Paramedics quickly arrived on the scene and transported the man and the other driver to a nearby hospital.

Approximately one week after the incident, Belcher visited the man, 36-year-old Montrell Tinsley, in the hospital. Their meeting was an emotional one but left a positive impression. Tinsley thanked Belcher for saving his life and the powerlifter, just as teary-eyed, said that he was happy glad Tinsley was okay. At least eight different nurses at the hospital thanked Belcher for his heroism.

“I like being called the Hulk – my son’s favorite is the Hulk and he always says ‘my daddy is the Hulk’,” Belcher told WXYZ. “To say I’m a hero, I don’t know. I’m glad to have been there and I was put there for a reason.”

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