Hybrid Power Plant In Minnesota Can Produce Wind And Solar Energy Year-Round

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By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

The majority of climate scientists agree: if humans do not take action to reduce carbon emissions and prevent the exacerbation of climate change, cataclysmic events will occur in the future. It is for this reason, and likely others, that the state of Minnesota invested in a renewable energy power plant that is capable of generating wind and solar energy year-round.

Yale Climate Connections reports that the renewable energy plant is owned and operated by Juhl Energy. Regardless if the weather is cold and windy or hot and humid without a breeze, the energy plant can produce electricity.

“Wind is typically highest at times when the sun is not shining and vice versa,” said Clay Norrbom, a spokesperson for the project. By using both wind and solar, the facility can feed a steady supply of renewable energy to the grid. Reportedly, it has an integrated design that is more efficient than separate solar and wind farms.

The system began operating in late 2018. According to Norrbom, the plant is capable of generating enough electricity to power about 900 homes. He added that the combination of solar and wind power is often overlooked. This is because it is bigger than residential solar but smaller than a large wind farm.

“The scale had not really been there in the past, where small utilities and their communities could actually go and generate some of their own electricity, in their own communities, and have a meaningful portion of those dollars stay in their community. We’re on the start of a new chapter here that’s exciting,” explained Norrbom.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Vaclav Volrab

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