Powerful Animation Of Endangered Animals Reveals How Humans Treat Them (Video)

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By Maukh Saha / Truth Theory

If you have watched Les Misérables or at least heard the songs, you probably have ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ etched in your heart. Now, imagine that haunting rendition being sung by all the endangered species of the world. Could you picture it in your imagination? If you think about it, the song is probably something that is going on in every endangered species’ heart. They had never dreamed that their world would come to a probable end due to human interference, but their doom is coming closer. We are the creator of it, and if we try, we can also save them – the choice is ours. Maybe that was the focus of the small music video ‘Dream’ made by Zombie Studio for the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. It will just make you emotional when you watch the scenes depicted here.

The actors are animals – endangered animals to be exact. A brown pelican flying high, a blue whale, a mamma rhinoceros with her child, and a pair of baby seal harps playing around – that is what the video presents at first. They are all in the clean environment of natural earth, untainted, beautiful. They are all living the dream – the rhino family sprinting through the forest, the pelican touching the water surface ever so slightly and the seals rolling in the ice. Life is beautiful and they dream freely since they believe ‘God would be forgiving’.

But God wasn’t as forgiving as they had thought. Suddenly, frightening men with sinister glowing eyes appear in the video, bringing with them the curse of destruction. The seals spot them first – ‘the tigers coming nigh’ and they are terrified at these demon-like figures. Mercilessly, they break through the ice and land on the polar caps. In the forests, they drive their jeep down the rough terrain and aim their gun at the mamma Rhino, blasting it with a sound as ‘soft as thunder’. It’s really saddening when you see how these humans come and destroy nature without any mercy.

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The harrowing video is enough to bring tears, but tears will not help. We need to be more responsible and as human beings, we need to find a way to live together with all the species in harmony. We are a threat to the wildlife and the planet, we need to change our roles and become saviors if we wish their dreams to live on. Though this is a video made in 2016, it remains relevant even now as many species continue to become extinct all over the world.

The powerful video should be an inspiration for all of us. A call for change. Question is: are we willing to bring that change?


Go behind the scenes of this powerful animation:

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