Boy Missing In Woods For Two Days Claims He Was Hanging Out With A Bear


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Do miracles happen? Apparently, they do, especially if you hear the strange tale of a lost-and-found three-year-old Casey Lynn Hathaway. The little boy from North Carolina was playing with his cousin and sister in the backyard of his great grandmother’s house in Ernul, North Carolina. But when they came back home, the family made a shocking discovery – it wasn’t the trio that had gone out to play. Casey had gone missing. The family searched the forests for 45 minutes before they called 911. It was terrible news for the family as well as the entire country. The news spread across the nation and became a cause for national alarm.

The authorities went out for a massive search all over Craven County. The family had already started losing hope by that time. The FBI, state officials, divers, and nearly 600 volunteers joined forces to retrieve the missing kid from the forest. But for two days, no hope was to be found. The final outcome seemed grim and inevitable, especially due to the cold season. Casey was not wearing any warm clothes – just a coat and sweatpants.

But then it was a moment of miracle. The authorities suddenly heard the sound of crying nearby and they followed the sounds. A child was stuck in the thorn bush, only a quarter-mile away from the place he was last seen. Yes, it was the missing child – Casey Lynn Hathaway. His savior, Chocowinity EMS Cpt. Shane Grier disentangled him and brought him out of the briars. He was feeling lonely without his mother.

The discovery of Casey wasn’t the only miraculous thing about this incident. The actual miracle was in the way the child survived the cold woods. According to Casey, he had spent his time with a bear. The ferocious beast that is known to kill any moving human being had actually been his friend and protected him during the cold season. When Casey was discovered, he still had his coat on and so, it is clear that the bear did not harm him in any way. The little scratches that can be found on his face are clearly the thorns from the bush. Plus, he was a bit cold and wet. However, all that matters now is his life and well-being.

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CarolinaEast Medical Center has given the verdict that Casey was ‘in good condition’. He is up on his bed, talking, and even watching Netflix. When he saw his sister, he beamed with a lovely smile. So, in medical terms, it looks like there has been no major harm done. The family is joyous. Casey’s aunt believes in miracles after this incident. According to her, God had sent a guardian angel in the form of a bear to save Casey. And we can’t really dub it to be incorrect: the Return of Casey can, in fact, be a wonderful story proving that miracles exist.

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Brittany Hathaway, the elated mother of Casey, is grateful and has thanked everyone who joined the search party or prayed for her child. Every effort counts and now that Casey has been found in a good and hearty condition, every effort has turned out to be fruitful. Casey spent his first day with his family, chewing on Cheetos, having nuggets and watching his favorite show, PAW Patrol. It seems like nothing has really changed in his life.

But he had a major life event, even though he may be too small to understand it yet. And the best part, this event touched the lives of many North Caroliners, thousands of Americans, and the people all over the world. Casey has yet again proved how we can come together and be friends when there is a cause of distress. We can succeed too.

And he also proved that if we believe, then, miracles do happen!

Credits: Craven County Sheriff’s Office, 123RF, Breanna Hathaway, Fox

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