Polish Woman Arrested After Putting Rainbow Halo Over Virgin Mary


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A lady in Poland has been taken into police custody on the charge of hurting religious sentiments. The incidents have been reported at the Płock, a city situated in central Poland. The arrest took place after several posters appeared in the metropolis depicting the Virgin Mary with a rainbow halo in the place of the generic halo that traditionally surrounds her.

The Interior Minister of Poland, Joachim Brudziński on Monday, took to Twitter to declare that an individual was arrested for causing profanation of Virgin Mary of Częstochowa.

A police spokesperson from the Płock police department provided confirmation that a lady 51-years of age was, indeed, taken into police custody as per the allegation. The lady had traveled abroad, but after she returned, the law enforcement entered and conducted searches in her residence. It is during these searches that many other images of the rainbow-haloed Virgin Mary were discovered.

The “Black Madonna of Częstochowa” is considered an esteemed Byzantine representation which is situated in the Jasna Góra monastery, which is also a United Nations World Heritage location. In addition to that, it is also the most divine Catholic shrine in Poland.

It is considered to be a crime to offend religious sentiments under the judicial system of Poland. The lady could be jailed for up to 2 years in case she is declared guilty.

The Interior Minister also termed the poster to be “cultural barbarism”. It was a shock for them as the posters suddenly popped up overnight in April. He believes that telling tales about liberty and ‘tolerance’ is fine but it does not allow anyone to hurt the sentiments of religious people.

The right-wing party of Poland, which is in power right now, is the Law and Justice Party (PiS). It is looking to muster up its principle body of voters in the upcoming elections by portraying how the nation is being bewildered by the sudden inflow of liberal Western social values.

The head of the PiS, Jaroslaw Kaczyński considers that this is straight violence against children and family. According to him, the LGBT movement is infamous for their role in sexualizing children and therefore, it imposes a threat to Polish society. He considers the LGBT movement an imported notion that has no space in the Polish state and its identity.

So, this is really a kind of difficult dilemma. The LGBTQ+ movement has been acknowledged almost all over the world and we are proud that we are becoming more accepting towards this previously marginalized group. On the other hand, shouldn’t we also protect the religious sentiments of believers and be accepting towards them too?

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