Café Owner Has Been Delivering Free Soup to Stranger Going Through Chemo For One Year


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Sometimes, it can seem like the world we share is a dark and depressing place. But, this isn’t always the case. All over the globe, kind people are doing their part to uplift the masses and give back to their communities. Juan Carlos Beristain is one such individual.

Beristain is the mastermind behind JC’s Café in Cary, Illinois. In addition to serving up delicious coffee and desserts, he sells scrumptious soups. One of his biggest fans is Noah Dionesotes, a local who is coping with multiple sclerosis.

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Approximately one year ago, Beristain learned of Dionesotes’ condition. A neighbor posted about the man’s condition – and his love for the café’s soups. Immediately, Beristain filled up a few cups of fresh stew to deliver to Dionesote’s house.

As you might imagine, Dionesote was surprised – and elated – to see the restaurateur on his front porch. He was even more shocked when the chef told him not to worry about the payment, and that he would be receiving more free soup in the months to come.

JCs Cafe

As often as four times a week, Beristain has been delivering soup to Dionesotes’s house over the last year. “The second time he brought it, I was like, ‘he’s not lying,’” Noah said.

“I really feel when other people are in pain,” Beristain told WTVR. “I felt that I could help him at least by delivering the soup that he likes, with the nutrition that is going to help him.”

Dionesotes remains floored by the chef’s generosity. “I think the guy’s a saint … he’s an amazing human,” he said.

Dionesotes’s friends are currently trying to raise money for his next round of chemotherapy treatments. If you would like to help, click here to visit the GoFundMe campaign.

Image credits: JC’s Cafe / Facebook

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