How Police Officers Blamed Mice For Half A Ton Of “Missing” Weed

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By Mayukh Saha

Last April, eight officers from the Argentinean police force were sacked after they alleged that a thousand pounds of marijuana had been eaten by mice. The drugs were reported missing from a storage building owned by the police in Pilar, which lies around 80 km from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

It is not uncommon for mice to consume weed but in this case, the amount of weed would surely have killed a lot of mice and there would have been a lot of mice corpses in the storage building. But the investigative team from forensics went through all the evidence and concluded that there was nothing to prove that the mice were the thieves in this situation.

After having been stored there for a couple of years, the building was inspected and that was when marijuana was found missing. Details for around 13,200 lb of marijuana had been entered in the filing system when the drugs were put in storage but the inspecting team only discovered around 12,000 lb when they went in. About a 1000 lb had just disappeared and the building would have to have been absolutely infested with packs upon packs of mice for that much to be eaten.

It didn’t skip the notice of the investigating team that the ex-police commissioner, Javier Specia, hadn’t signed or recognized the stored marijuana at the time of his resignation. The then commission, Emilio Portero, who replaced Specia, took note of the disappearance and informed the appropriate department so that they could investigate the matter.

Specia and others, who had been his colleagues, all claimed that the disappearance was due to the mice living in the building. But the investigating team didn’t even find signs of mice living there, let alone, the necessary numbers to finish that much weed.

According to a person from the office of Judge Adrián González Charvay, researchers at the University of Buenos Aires had said that the mice wouldn’t have eaten the weed thinking it was food. If in the fact many mice had consumed it, they would have died and the team would have discovered their bodies in the storage facility.

But this doesn’t mean that the most likely culprits didn’t put any thought into coming up with this story. The truth is that mice have done the same thing quite often in other places.

Even though cats and mice are seen as born enemies, their whiskers are actually very similar in length and sensitivity. Both species can determine very accurately whether or not there is enough area for them to maneuver when they’re entering any space. The same can be said for rats and interestingly enough, rats need to eat food at least one third of their own weight each day just to survive.

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