22-Year-Old Female Becomes The First Black Nanoscientist In Virginia

Ginai Seabron Nanoscientist Virginia Tech

By Amanda froelich

Meet Ginai Seabron, the first black woman to become a nanoscientist in the state of Virginia. NBC 12 reports that Seabron was “pleasantly surprised” to learn of the accomplishment after receiving her Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech’s nanoscience program.

“We talked to the department head and he looked it up and confirmed it,” Seabron told the press. Once the achievement was confirmed, Seabron was highlighted on the schools social media platforms.

She offered the advice, “Go to office hours. Create your own office hours if you have to. Be social. Step out of your comfort zone. Know that you aren’t the only one struggling. Keep pushing.”


Seabron’s mom, Sherita, was also asked how she encouraged her daughter. Sherita said, “Pray with her, tell her she can make it, never give up. That wasn’t an option for her.”Before Seabron returns to school, she will take one year off to intern at Virginia Tech. 

Seaborn’s story is inspiring because she is proof that if one perseveres and doesn’t give up on their dreams, they, too, can succeed. The 22-year-old might not have been striving to make history, but she did so by simply being herself and following her heart. That’s helpful wisdom we all might benefit from.

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Source: NBC 12

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