Police Department Posted How They Seized 2 Tiny Cannabis Plants, People Went Nuts In The Comments

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Alsager Police Department in England had seized 2 cannabis plants from an address in the city as the neighbors had reported a strong smell of cannabis.

As soon as the tweet was shared by the Police Department, people all over the internet jumped on the wagon and expressed their own opinions about the incident.

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Several people had congratulated the Police Department on cracking the case and seizing the illegal plants while the rest criticized the work, sarcastically.

The issue of cannabis is still debatable. You might find some people who despise this plant while others will call it a medicinal plant and keep talking about the benefits for days on end.

How The Internet Was Blown Away About The Seizure Of Cannabis By The Police Department

The people who supported the Police Department were only a handful while the people who despised such an action overflowed the post with comments.

police department

One person had commented sarcastically that he had found a suspicious address down Downing Street and wanted to report the incident just like a responsible citizen. He had seen murder and kidnapping and was convinced that an organized crime ring was operating from the same address. He opinionated that such a thing required more attention than just a couple of tiny plants.

police department

Another commented that such a thing was quite shameful and that the Police Department should go and look for some “real criminals”.

police department

Another chimed in and joked that the pots were probably worth more than the plants themselves.

police department

A commenter shared that the Police needed a better hobby and not give the entire office a free reacharound in celebration.

police department

Another user jokes that he could smell the cannabis from his location in Manchester, which was miles away.

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police department

One commenter was completely frustrated. He stated that the time would have been well spent if the Department had solved actual crimes.

police department

Another user joked about the Tories stealing 12 billion from under everyone’s noses.

police department

Another user stated that he thought it was a joke. He added that the Police Department had spent more money on fuel than the drug value of those tiny cannabis plants.

Credits: Alsager Police

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