Joe Rogan Killed a Triceratops, and People Aren’t Very Happy About It (Satire)


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Animal lovers and vegetarians have united together to stop Joe Rogan, all because of Mark Dice. Mark Dice has held Joe Rogan responsible for killing triceratops for sport. Yes, you heard that right, Joe Rogan killed a Triceratops!!

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Mark Dice is a popular YouTuber and has started a petition to protect the gentle horned giant from being hunted by Rogan. He wants to get them added to the list of endangered species along with their cousins, the Black, Java, and Sumatran rhinos.

It might be funny for you, but most people have actually signed the damned petition.

“I’m all for protecting animals,” one petition signer said.


Dice hosts funny interviews on the street where he talks about fake petitions and fake reports, targeting a particular region that is still living under a rock. If you get past the comedic value, it is quite weird to see how much people actually function in society.

Joe Rogan Got Roped Into An Obscure Scandal

Let me explain how ridiculous this claim is.

Triceratops walked on this planet 68 million years ago, during the Late Cretaceous period. These animals were heavily armored and grew up to be as big as 30 feet, weighed 12 metric tons, and lived only on vegetation. Evolution has pointed out a relationship with the rhinos that you see today and water buffaloes.

Triceratops was the last non-flying dinosaur to exist and became extinct 66 million years ago.
Joe Rogan hosts a popular and controversial podcast and is also a UFC ringside commentator. He is also a big game hunter and a wild-game diet enthusiast.

Rogan had picked up the sport in 2021 and had traveled all over the country to hunt the most sought-after species in the US. Some people actually believed the claims on the basis of Rogan’s usual nature. Joe Rogan is a lightning rod and always gets heat from people no matter what he does.


Mark Dice was seen hosting a street interview with some interesting characters about the same topic. Dice talks about how Rogan possesses a license to kill animals and talks about the triceratops especially. The lady replies that such a thing was extremely shameful and everything was about “money”. Dice made her look at the camera and offer some words for Joe Rogan. She looked at the camera, confidently, and stated that he needs to stop doing whatever he was doing and think about the planet in general.

The second person, wearing a NASA t-shirt caught on to the joke and replied that the joke was quite funny and that all of the animals had actually deceased. It was great to see that some people actually possessed some general knowledge.

Another participant was really disappointed to hear how Joe Rogan was killing the animals for sport. He replied that it was his ego that made him do it.

Check out the entire interview and join in on the fun!!

You can even buy a “Save The Triceratops” t-shirt from his online store.

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