Plan An Adventure Or Become A Part Of Someone Else’s Plan


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Regardless of your beliefs spiritual, scientific or other we can all agree that for the human part of the experience we are going through we have an average of close to 67 years on planet earth. Without trying to sound cliche, life (as a human) is short! Picture this- it is thought the universe is 13.8 billion years old with humans (as we know them) being here for a mere 200,000 of those years. Our lives equate to 0.03% of human history 0.0000004% of this planet’s history- meaning if human history was a day, your life would equate to 4 minutes out of 1440 and 3 one thousandths of a second in our planet’s history. So I hope I am hitting home the point that life is indeed short!

The paradox is of course that life is pretty long, we have a lot of time in which we can get stuff done, and we well and truly have a choice. There is a world of opportunity there for anyone who would like to open up the box of adventure and if you don’t choose your path, you quickly become a pillar for someone else’s path.

The internet has opened up an opportunity for anyone who has a good enough idea, some determination and enough focus to see it out until the end. Here are 5 ways you can create your own plan:

Be Clear

Without a good idea of what you want in life it is incredibly difficult to know where you are going. Take some time out every day to get clear on what you actually want as once you do you can really start to move towards a beautiful life.

This is not always as simple as just sitting and thinking about it and often takes a while to get to the route of what it is that gets you excited. The truth is, this is why many people give up, because it takes a lot of internal work to get to know yourself. The paradox is that it is also very difficult to live a life which is not inline with what you want to be doing. The main difference is in comfort, an unhappy life can often be very comfortable and this is why so many choose it over the uncomfortable life of probing and self discovery.

Do What You Love

I say this in many areas, not just work, as doing what you love leads you to more clarity. How many times have you been out doing something beautiful that you would usually not do, then all of a sudden you get a moment of clarity? Well this is something we can access more and more of by just doing the things we enjoy.

Things have changed drastically over the last few years and opportunities that were not available until recently are now accessible for anyone who has some determination, drive and a good idea (even an average idea). We can create our own reality and it is up to us to decide if we want it to be something that makes us want to jump out of bed or something that makes us want to hit the snooze button on our alarm.

Accept Minimal Bullsh*t

Once you are clear on what you want and doing it with love you can maintain this by having a zero bullsh*t policy. What I mean by this is we have a choice how we spend our time, if we don’t want to go to a friends party- we should not go out of guilt. Should someone have high expectations of us all the time, it is okay to confront that and let them know you have your own consciousness and can make your own decisions.

This not only works as an external, but also with what we consume- TV, food and media- we don’t have to tolerate things that do not serve our highest purpose.

You can do all this without the need to treat anyone badly, just have your values and do not go against them. With that being said there can be an amount of bullsh*t that is unavoidable, sometimes you have to take out the rubbish, work a crappy job or go to something because your partner who you love wants you there. The point I am making is this should be the exception, not the rule.

Don’t Be Afraid To Start Again

Sometimes it feels like we are committed to a certain way of being due to having spent so much time building what we currently have. This is why so many relationships (loving or platonic) go on when the 2 people in the relationship are clearly unhappy. The same reason we hold down a job for 40 years, even though it is slowly killing us inside.

Truth is, it is never too late to reinvent yourself! Sell everything, grow a beard and go and live on an island if this is what you feel called to do! Go to college and learn about a subject just for the pure interest of gaining extra knowledge. It is okay to reinvent yourself in any moment, just sometimes takes a little creativity and a whole lot of courage.

Explore Yourself

You can gain so much from simply spending time with yourself, a great example of this is through meditation. You can sit with yourself and just listen- listen to your inner voice, understand your judgements and what it is you stand for. Go to a dance class, write a poem or go one step further and perform the poem at an open mic somewhere. Get out there- get rejected, make mistakes, but also prosper in certain situations in which you may have felt you wouldn’t have. When you give yourself permission to explore, it opens up a world of opportunity that you may have never known existed!

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