Pink Challenges The Internet To Spend A Day Without Criticising Others

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Alecia Beth Moore or Pink, as the world knows her, has had a happy eleven years of marriage of Carey Hart. Together they have two beautiful children – Willow and Jameson. While she posts regular updates on Instagram of her lovely family, she’s also had it up to here with people policing her parenting skills.

Recently when she was performing at Hamburg, she’d posted pictures of her family’s trip to the zoo. A wave of negativity followed with many telling her off for taking them to a place that is ‘the ultimate example of human depravity and selfishness’. Pink was quick to defend herself by pointing out that she hadn’t asked for anyone’s thoughts on the subject of bringing up her kids.

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And Pink isn’t the only celebrity parent to face this issue. From Chrissy Teigen to Cardi B to the Kardashian sisters, everyone has had to deal with hateful comments from condescending parents. Pink clapped back at her haters with a photo of her daughter dancing under some sprinklers. In the caption, she wrote how her child was running through unfiltered water. She was sarcastic about how the child was all alone but went on to point out how she was away for work.

To spread more positivity on the internet, she has now posted a new dare on Instagram. Last weekend Pink uploaded a photo of her daughter seated on her father’s lap. Willow was draped in a towel and seemingly had just come out after a swim. She captioned it as a worldwide internet open challenge to the people reading it. They had to go through just one single day when they would not criticizing anyone, at least online. She proposed to call it “miss me with the bulls*** challenge.”

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The photo was also shared by Hart who posted that even though it was a long shot, he was still optimistic about it. Pink herself had earlier turned off comments but he had left his comment section open. Though many were quite excited about the challenge, there were quite a few people who took the opportunity to call him out.

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Earlier Hart had posted a picture of a man at his gym who was seated on the calf press machine reading his newspaper but he had blurred his face out. Hart called it a d— move because the man was taking up space on the exercise machines and just catching up on the news. He wrote that this was one of the reasons he hated going to a public gym.

Of course, this wasn’t something that the general public was going to let him get away with easily. When he reposted Pink’s challenge, followers were quick to point out that he should have deleted the picture. While he was just facing comments from the general public, he had done something worse by posting about a person whose life he knew nothing about.


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