16 Year Old Girl Was Accepted At 9 Law Schools After Graduating From High School At 13 And University At 16


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

She is the diamond in a rhinestone world. She has been taught to learn, not pass and that has made her prove that in her case excellence is easy. She has instead aimed for perfection and has attained it.

She has done it outside the system and that makes her achievement all the more commendable. She was taken out of school after the ninth grade.

The facts are startling. She graduated at 16 from Texas Woman’s University after sailing through high school when she was only 13. From this fall, she will be studying law from Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University. 

Schlitz was accepted by other 8 law schools including the University of Arkansas, Texas Southern University, and Howard University.

She was homeschooled after 5th grade as her parents believed that there was something missing in her schooling. She was being taught only to get through her exams and get to her next grade. Her parents felt that she was not being educated to learn.

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Haley feels that her educational experience has taught her to know herself better a lot earlier than most. Schlitz thanks her parents for taking the brave decision to school her at home. At first, she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a doctor, but then choose law as a career. She dreams of standing by gifted students within communities that have traditionally been neglected.

Homeschooling had been a boon for her as she could study at the pace that suited her intellect and excel on her terms. She could easily skip things she already knew and concentrate on studying at her intellectual standard.

But make no mistake that this lady is all academics. She has interests outside of her schooling, and reads, writes, draws, and plays video games along with her younger brother.

The total number of homeschooled children has more than doubled in the past 15 years to nearly 220,000. Most Black parents give several reasons for taking their children out of school, but what they are reluctant to reveal is that racism and the level of education are the deciding factors.

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Black students at present constitute the largest group and also the fastest expanding who have opted to carry forward their education outside the system. Black and Hispanic students make up almost 1/10th of the total students’ population who have opted for homeschooling. They make up close to 16% of the total student population as per data released by the National Center for Education.

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