Photographer Captures Stunning Images Of This Real-Life Orange And Black “Pokémon” Fox

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

While browsing through Reddit, we recently stumbled upon an incredible crossbred fox and behold the Pokémon fox! The photos of the fox were taken by Sam Gaby. He had posted them on Instagram, and they had instantly gone viral.


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Some netizens have also described the animal as “Firefox in dark mode” owing to its beautifully shaded red and black fur, others added that its eyes seemed to say “KEEP YOUR DISTANCE”. Although the mascot of Firefox has been a red panda, this gorgeous creature can surely replace the panda in the coming years.

There is no doubt that the fox is a real one and can be seen roaming around at Twillingate, Newfoundland. However, one cannot but feel a tinge of fantasy in the very name of its hometown.

That’s not all! The real-life Pokémon fox can even be seen with another red fox friend, supposedly its sibling with a different complexion. Soon after finding the duo, Gaby fell in love with them. He even named them Mat and Pat. Mat is our celeb Pokémon fox and Pat is his red buddy.

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The photographer has successfully gained the trust of the two foxes making sure that he visits them at least once, if not twice, every year. They also let him take close up and candid shots while flaunting their beautiful fur.

Foxes get their color from melanism. The word Melanism means nothing but a variation in the gene caused due to varying degrees of the melanin content of the skin. It gives color to the skin, or in case of animals, to their fur. While a variant of red fox can appear due to full melanism, a crossbred like our Pokémon fox could have been a red fox showing partial melanism.

Gaby delved deeper into the lives of these foxes and gathered some more information. He found out from the locals that a fur farm used to be there, near the town. But when the demand for genuine animal furs decreased, the farm was closed down, releasing the animals into the wild.

From the quality of their fur one can easily infer that Mat and Pat had something to do with this farm and are now happily cherishing their freedom in the wild.

So, next time you are looking for these two cute fantastic beasts, don’t forget to follow more of Gaby’s magnificent work with the Pokémon fox.

Image credits: Sam Gaby


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