How To Stay Grounded In Difficult Times (Like Covid-19)


By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory 

In 2018 I was facing bankruptcy. It was one of the more challenging periods of my life. We had some major issues with the way our brand was operating and things were getting worse and worse. The whole period took around 9 months when I was trying to save the company, losing money and ended up in debt, working for free. During this time one of my partners left the company and everyone around me was having a mental breakdown. Despite all that, I remained grounded for most of this period. It wasn’t easy, not only everything is falling apart around you but the people who work for you aren’t motivated at all and are stressed which makes things even worst. In the video below, I’m sharing some of the techniques I have been using for years that helped me to navigate through challenging times.

With the current situation with Covid-19, a lot of people are having a hard time. We also got affected with Truth Theory. But as always, I try to stay positive and use my methods to go through this situation without the scars. Hope you will enjoy this video. If you do please consider subscribing to our Youtube Channel

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