People Share How They Are Exploited At Work And Why Capitalism Sucks

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Keeping aside the people who are known as ‘workaholics”, there is more to people than just their work. Saying such a thing would not provocate anyone but often the most difficult parts of life are not the difficult challenges, but those that seep into your everyday routine and become your habits. An example of this can be your job.



This has become a generation where people are looking forward to building a balance between their profession and life but most of these people are realizing that they actually do not have one. They fail to see an avenue as to how they can achieve the balance. They feel stuck and feel that the system was designed in such a way that it would exploit its human capital. The people had nowhere to turn to and express their anger and frustrations.

The Pressure Of Work Is A Huge Burden

The pressure of the demanding job culture is a huge burden on people’s mental health. 

The term work-life balance does not mean splitting your time 50-50 between your leisure and work. It means that you need to make sure that you are content with both these areas in your life.

You can meet your deadlines at your office and also spend time with your family and friends. You also get the time to eat and sleep well and not worry about assignments when you’re home.

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Ben Fitzgerald, who is a renowned career and business coach, said: “I used to use alcohol, junk food, television, video games – whatever I could to avoid facing the fact that I was an unhappy employee who felt caught in a rat race. “I thought a lot about work-life balance back then. In reality, I had tons of time to myself and the real reason I felt worn out was that I was faking enthusiasm for the work I was doing. The performance of it all was exhausting.”

Make Minor Changes To Be Happier In Life

There are several people who worship the daily grind. They feel that it is easy to labor for long hours at the office and work under a toxic boss while facing an immense amount of pressure. The assumptions that you have around work can become concrete unless you take a break from it, sometimes.


It is also difficult to make changes especially when you’re toiling on a zero-hours contract. You might need to put in extra hours to earn enough money or even pay your outstanding bills. The people can who can actually do something about their condition, research suggests that they should regularly check their life’s balance.

You need to ask questions to yourself.


Are you under extreme stress or feeling unhappy?

How is this stress affecting your personal life?

What are the things that you are losing out on?

You need to be honest to yourself while answering these. People don’t usually take time off to think unless something serious happens to them or to a loved one. All you need to do is to take a pause and get your priorities sorted. This is how you can discover if your life and profession fit you.

You need to acknowledge your feelings and decide on the changes that you want to make. Consider the alternative and all the things that you can change at your office to meet your new goals or wishes. 

Ben Fitzgerald said there’s a lot to gain from realigning your personal and professional development goals. This introduces challenges, activates your curiosity, and shifts the focus to one of personal responsibility, instead of working in service of someone else’s vision you’re working in service of your own. Just a simple tweak in mindset can work wonders.

“Devoting your time and attention in service of someone else without any expectation of reciprocation is a great way to feel more purposeful and fulfilled,” Fitzgerald explained. “Try adopting this mentality with your manager in mind and see what happens.”

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