When His Boss Found Out That He Walks 20 Miles To Work, He Gave Him A Car

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A solid work ethic is extremely important when working- be it your first job or your last, and you may never know- you may get a car out of it. In the summer of 2018, Walter Carr, a 20-year-old who had just received a job at Bellhops- an Alabama moving company realized he had to travel close to 20 miles every day for work. Rather than give up all hope, and look for a job elsewhere, the young fresh out of college student decided to take up the rough work and walk 20 miles- even if it meant that he had to get out before sunrise.

But, this is nothing surprising- is it? We always hear about how the most successful people around spent most of their years working at the ground level before they eventually reached the pinnacle in their fields. 

Walter Carr Showed Amazing Work-Ethic At Work

Normally, Walter wouldn’t have much of a problem covering the distance as he had a car. The problem rose up when his car broke down in the middle of the road one day and he had to cover the remaining journey on foot. The succeeding days saw him trudging to work, making sure he was on time- even if he had to wake up before the Sun did- such was his work ethic.

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Many would have given up by then, but Walter Carr wasn’t one of them. This graduate from Birmingham College was a young buck- filled to the brim with energy- which is why he could work on 4 hours of sleep the night before he had to go to work. 

The Work Ethic Of A Young Buck Astounded Those Who Heard

Around 4 am this young man with an amazing work ethic managed to read Pelham. Fortunately for him though, he didn’t have to go the entire route as he was picked up by a police car who was quite naturally amazed at the dedication that this guy showed. According to an interview with USA Today, Carr recalled having told them that while his story was definitely going to sound absolutely strange- this is exactly what was happening to him at that very moment. 

The cops decided that this young man needed a break, so they took him to the nearest Whataburger, before taking him to a local church. While they had promised this man with a gritty work ethic that they would take him to his job, Walter Carr simply couldn’t wait. He decided to go off on his own, which led to the cops searching for him. After finally locating him, they took him to Lamey’s home, where the job was. 

No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded: His Work Ethic Got Him a Car!

The biggest twist in the tale was about to come! When Jenny Lamey, for whom Walter Carr was literally traversing the edge of the world, heard about the work ethic that he had shown, first decided to tell the entire world about it by posting it on Facebook. Lamey was supposed to be moving, and when she heard that Walter had made the entire journey on foot just so he could reach on time, her admiration for him had reached its peak.

But that wasn’t all there was to it- Carr, with his indelible work ethic, had actually reached the job site quite earlier than the time scheduled. So the family decided to spend the rest of their time talking to him- which is when he told them his story. 


Needless to say, when everybody heard his story they were flummoxed at the zeal and work ethic shown by this young man at his very first job. In fact, the news even reached the ears of Luke Marlin, the CEO of Bellhops, who decided that Walter could do with Marlin’s own 2014 Ford Escape- something that would be put to much better use. 

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