People All Over The Internet Are Making Tiny Trump Photos and They Look Hilarious

tiny trump2

By Ruan Van Zijl / Truth Theory

In case you didn’t know there is a subreddit page called “Tiny Trumps”  The rules of the page are simple. Post a photo where the 45th President is roughly 2 feet tall. No photos of the regular sized trump are allowed.

The subreddit has reached the front page of most major websites, it currently has over 57,000 followers.

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[Request Fulfillled]Look, he’s a big boy from r/TinyTrumps

Stay in the lines, Mr. President. from r/TinyTrumps

Putin meets his biggest tiny fan from r/TinyTrumps

TFW Air Force One loses your luggage and you have to borrow a suit. from r/TinyTrumps

Lil Donny refusing to eat what’s good for him. from r/TinyTrumps

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go… from r/TinyTrumps

“For God’s sake would somone put a fricken bell on him or something.” from r/TinyTrumps

Trump needs help with his tie from r/TinyTrumps

The First Family from r/TinyTrumps

Your word is “Coverage” from r/TinyTrumps

He plays golf so often because he really likes Puttin’ from r/TinyTrumps

Tiny Trump Throwing a Tantrum. from r/TinyTrumps

This is a working vacation. from r/TinyTrumps

Excited kid and somber chaperones from r/TinyTrumps

You are uninvited from my house! from r/TinyTrumps

Trump types an important White House memo from r/TinyTrumps

Worst Science Fair Ever. from r/TinyTrumps

“No Donnie, you have to wait until everyone has had their turn before getting seconds.” from r/TinyTrumps

“We would save Billions of Dollars if the Democrats would give us free Cheetos.” from r/TinyTrumps

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Featured Image Credit: flashxS
Images Credit: TinyTrumps 

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