Ice Cream Shop Becomes Scotland’s First To Sell CBD-infused Ice Cream


By John Vibes / Truth Theory

“ICE shops,” the Falkirk-based ice cream store, recently announced that they will become the first shop in Scotland to sell CBD-infused ice cream.

The pioneering product is the result of a partnership between ICE Shops owner Kyle Gentleman and Elaine Grant, the director of a local family-owned wellness company called Natures Medics.

Elaine and her company have been working with CBD for years, and are very convinced of its potential as a medicine.

“I’ve seen first hand the benefits CBD can have as I believe it helped my mum who suffers from both arthritis and COPD and also my son who has autoimmune disease. I think in recent times the whole perception of CBD oil has changed and people of all ages are more accepting to using it for wellness purposes – my oldest customer is 93!” Elaine told the Falkirk Herald.

Elaine must have made a name for herself in the area as an expert with the substance because numerous people recommended her company to Kyle.

“He had apparently been recommended me by quite a few different people which was very flattering and I knew this was something I wanted to be involved in straight away,” she said.

It wasn’t long before the pair had the perfect recipe, and it became an instant hit as soon as they put it on sale.

“Word spread pretty quickly as soon as it began selling and we ran out almost straight away! The feedback I’ve had from customers has been brilliant. Most have told me they were surprised to find that it actually tastes delicious despite the fact you can tell it has the CBD oil in it too. Flavor-wise I figured if I was going to do this I wanted it to actually taste like what it was but also make it taste nice too,” Kyle explained.

“I could have easily hid it in a raspberry or strawberry flavored ice cream or something like that but because I wanted it to actually taste like what it was I just mixed it with my own vanilla recipe so it has a bit of an earthy taste but is really creamy too,” he added.

Kyle said that it would be great if his ice cream could actually provide medicinal value for people as well.

“With regard to the CBD oil ice cream I know the oil is reported to have huge health benefits and it would be great to think my ice cream, as well as being enjoyed by people could actually help them too, although we are not saying that it definitely will,” he said.

Elaine said that she was proud to be involved in the project, and said that she was grateful that the laws in her country allowed a product like that on the market.

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“The feedback has been amazing with everyone saying it tastes fantastic and the fact it sold out on day one says it all. I’m really proud to have been involved in this project and for us to have launched the first CBD oil-infused ice cream in the country. I know Ben and Jerry’s are keen to launch their own one in America but haven’t been able to do so yet because of legal constraints,” Elaine said.

Elaine was referencing an announcement made by Ben and Jerry’s ice cream earlier this year, stating that they are developing a CBD infused ice cream, and are working to bring the product to market. If you are ambitious enough, there are even some recipes for making your own CBD infused products at home.



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