Odg Reveal New Wearable Technology That Lets Pilots Use Augmented Reality During Extreme Emergencies

odgs newest wearable allows fedex pilots use augmented reality navigate emergency situations.1280x600

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Osterhout Design Group (ODG) have developed a specially-crafted oxygen mask that will help pilots to land a plane during an emergency situation. In-flight fires, smoke or fumes are the most common causes for emergency landings. When the cockpit fills with smoke, the pilot is blinded, making it extremely difficult for them to land the plane safely. ODG’s “smoke-assured vision enhanced display” uses augmented reality technology which allows pilots to see information from the plane’s computers and views from the external cameras. The mask can also display critical flight information and line of sight.

“While in flight, clear vision is everything, and ODG’s award-winning headworn technology is able to create an aircraft display system that will be a lifesaving tool for FedEx and, ultimately, the entire aviation industry,” said Ralph Osterhout, ODG CEO, in a statement. “SAVED is an excellent example of the power and potential for smart glasses to make real impact to our lives and continues ODG’s unparalleled pace of innovation in the space.”

Though the masks were originally designed for FedEx Express, ODG aim to sell the innovative masks to civil and commercial airplane makers and military organisations around the world.

“FedEx is pleased to work with ODG on this important innovation in pilot safety technology,” said Jim Bowman, senior vice president of flight operations for FedEx Express. “We look forward to continued development of this product and believe it has the potential to enhance pilot safety in emergency situations.”

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