Leaf Republic Are A German Company Making Biodegradable Plates & Tableware Entirely From Leaves


By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Leaf Republic are an innovative German company who source leaves from Asia and South America to make plates and tableware. In order to reduce plastic waste, the company decided to stitch together fibres from palm leaves. The plates are completely renewable and biodegradable and disintegrate within 28 days in compost.

“We invented an amazing new method to make tableware out of leaves and leaves only. No chemicals, no plastics, not a single tree was cut down.”

Here are just some of the benefits of these plates (via Brightside):

  • They are 100% natural: each of the three layers is made entirely out of large leaves, stitched together with palm leaf fibers.
  • Absolutely zero synthetics, chemical binders, or glue hold the layers together: they are simply compressed with the help of a machine.
  • They are completely waterproof: no more soggy cardboard to dampen our picnic spirit when the heavens decide to open!
  • Not only are they fully biodegradable, they do so within 28 days (unused they have a shelf life of approximately 18 months) — that’s quicker than an apple core!
  • Their unique and natural texture give a tactile freshness that feels miles away from shiny and heavily processed paper plates.

Leaf Republics philosophy from their website is as follows: “Because we spend only a brief moment on this world. Everything we own is only temporary. What really counts is what we create, what we build up. What counts are our actions and our decisions. They last forever. They make up the true value of our being. If these actions lead to building up a sustainable, social, gainful company, then we will have the greatest job in the world.”

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