New York Church’s Clever Billboard Messages Go Viral

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By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

The Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church in New York State has used a brilliant billboard campaign to relay messages of inclusion, hope and positivity.

Some churches are seen today as conservative, even authoritarian institutions.

Then there’s the fake pastors and false prophets and money-making so-called religious schemes.

But there are also genuine places of worship and up-liftment of the soul.

One such religious institution is the Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church (WMCC) in New York State.

In a time of great division, their main aim is to unite. And to be open-minded and pragmatic.

And in keeping up with the times and ensuring they stay relevant and in the public eye, the Wantagh church has engaged in a sharp-witted billboard campaign.

Pastor Ron: the Inspiration behind the billboard messages

It’s led by pastor Ron Garner and comprised of witty, uplifting messages challenging more traditional conservative churches.

“Our church is located on a very busy street in Wantagh,” said pastor Ron.

“I want to convey to the public that Christianity doesn’t have to be staid. I also want to convey to passerby that I believe people who follow Jesus are not called to be apolitical but are called to take social justice issues seriously.


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“We are a small congregation but we have new members who came because of our signs.”

In a separate post on their website, the WMCC wrote:

“In an era of social media, Instagram and Facebook, we wish to comfort and challenge those who pass by our church on Wantagh Avenue. Pastor Ron sees this as an expansion of his ‘freedom of the pulpit’.”

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Formed in 1889, the WMCC’s mission reads as follows:

“The church is attended by members from a variety of Christian backgrounds and denominations, if you have suffered rejection because of who you are.

“If you have become indifferent with churches that seem to be disconnected from the real pressures and issues of our life and world, if you desire a church which invites questioning and is progressive theologically.

“If you crave a church that puts words to action with community outreach and social advocacy; then we may be the church you are looking for!”

Photo credits: Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church

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