New Government Policy Will Reduce The Size Of Your Pizza To Keep You “Healthier”

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by Mayukh Saha,

Pizza, ah the gift of Italy that has had under its spell an entire generation of millennials, man-children who refuse to grow up and accept the fact that fat, cheese and meat on bread will not make their lives any better.

Well, that might not be the case. Given the fact that these new government mandates may just make this dopamine-mine healthy and lean, who knows?

Crazy times indeed.

The Telegraph reports:

“Pizzas must shrink or lose their toppings under Government plans to cap the calories in thousands of meals sold in restaurants and supermarkets.

Pies, ready meals and sandwiches will also be subject to the new proposed calorie limits, in a desperate bid to tackle Britain’s obesity crisis.

Under the draft proposals, a standard pizza for one should contain no more than 928 calories – far less than many sold by takeaways, restaurants and shops. And the recommendations suggest that a savoury pie should contain no more than 695 calories.”

Public Health England, the organisation, is reported to have said that such drastic measures were made to tackle the obesity crisis in Britain.

The recent statistics have showed that obesity rates in children have risen by 33% in the last decade alone and needless to say, it is a growing trend, thanks to the modern Gen Y lifestyle.

To quote The Telegraph again:

“More than one in five pupils are obese by the time they leave primary school – including around 24,000 children who are classed as “severely obese”.”

The victims of this arrangements will be hundreds of very commonly consumed food products, especially sweet and savoury ones like sauces, pizzas, oily fries etc.

The organisation met with a large number of retailers and manufacturers including KFC and McDonalds to discuss the effects of their products and to discuss with them the discussed ‘calorie caps’, limits that will be set to calorie amounts of products.

The calorie caps approximately amount to 20 percent of the total consumption. All this part of the recent pledges taken by the government to stop the obesity crisis by 2030.

With the public health minister deciding that the government was willing to do whatever was needed to be done to keep England’s kids away from obesity.

This is a landmark development and, though not mandatory for the manufacturing corporations, could pave the way for better and stricter measures. Apparently, the trend is that to consumers themselves, at least woke ones, will prefer smaller and healthier portions to bigger, tastier and unhealthier portions.

I use the word tastier in a very salty sense. This is because the things that make these fast and junk foods what they are, are salt and sugar and oils; all three deadly in the quantities these foods contain them in.

Obesity is a direct or indirect result for all three of these things, just in case you needed specifics.

So, what are we in for?

Good health? Or just being bitter and salty about the smaller portions we will get, of less-tasty junk food for a steep price?

And if it is the second case, will the fast food consumerism revolution finally end?

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