After 25 Years A Woman Is Reunited With Two Chimpanzees In A Heart-Warming Video

godvine chimps reunite with rescuer 18 years later

By Mayukh Saha

There is always something reunions, right? Be it the memories that come rushing in, the laughs, and the tears. The feelings behind reunions are incomparable. I think this has to do with the fact that there is not just the question of meeting, there is also the idea of the past deeds that always hits us with a wave of nostalgia.
The video below is the footage of Linda Koebner being reunited with Doll and Swing, two chimpanzees that she had met about twenty five years ago while working as a wildlife facilitator in a program that focused on acclimatising chimps that had always lived in labs with the wild.
When talking about chimps, it is imperative to remember that they are “closley related” to humans. Yes, you read that right. Chimps are the closest we have in the animal world to ourselves, which means that they are capable of all the complex emotions that, we, as humans are capable of.
If you are looking to differentiate between a monkey and an ape (chimps are apes), the tail is your answer. We come from apes as well and if you want to look for your tail, press on the mid part of your lower back with the tip of your fingers, right where your spinal cord ends and you will feel your tail bone.
When Linda met Doll and Swing, she became friends with them pretty fast, comforting them and making sure they were ready to go back to the wild. Linda Koebner had always made sure that the baby chimps were feeling alright and that is not something that they would forget.
Linda remembers her time with them as the most fun that she ever had in her life, which is why, she decided to go meet them, after twenty five long years. Heck, she was not disappointed.
The moment she met Doll and Swing, both of them broke out in wide smiles, held Linda’s hand and pulled her closer so that they could hug her. Linda’s happiness is also apparent, as she almost breaks down to tears when she finds that her primates (pun intended) had not forgotten her. It is truly a very touching moment, when long lost friends are united after such an extensive period of time.
Life can be exhausting at times but it is moments like these that keep us going. Think about all the lives that you have touched or lives that have touched you in some way or the other and you will find comfort even when the nights are dark.
Allow me to take this opportunity to also remind you that chimpanzees are an endangered species. They used to number in millions throughout huge parts of the African continents but recent studies show that only about three hundred thousand can be found in the forests now.
In conclusion, let us all try to do something that matters. The satisfaction is greater than anything else

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