NASA Is Sending A Revolutionary Helicopter To Mars, It Will Be The First To Fly On Another Planet

Mars Helicopter Flying

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A historic moment is on its way. The first Mars helicopter is all prepped up to go on its first mission to Mars. This will be the first helicopter to fly to another planet. This mission is a part of the Mars 2020 mission. 

The Mars helicopter is named ingenuity and will be the first to fly in the outer world. This unique aerial vehicle is small and is fairly simple in its technology. However, it’s simple make-up is capable of completely revolutionizing scientific experiments in outer space. 

On July 30th, Mars helicopter Ingenuity was launched. Its batteries were charged for eight hours, after which its battery was at a capacity of 35 percent. Scientists said that this low charge-rate would complement the longevity of the battery’s life on its way to the planet Mars. 

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Tim Canham, the scientist who is leading the Mars helicopter mission at NASA, said that it was a great milestone for everyone as they could see the unique aerial vehicle function exactly as they had predicted it would. This means that they have a fairly good idea of how the Mars mission would go. He further said that this test-drive will be conducted every two weeks so that the helicopter maintains its charge. 

Last August, the path of Mars 2020 was slightly changed. It is said that there will be another alteration on the 30th of September. That will be 62 days from the launch of the Mars helicopter. On 10th and 16th February 2021, another set of alterations is scheduled for the spacecraft to reach its proper destination without any difficulties. The researchers at NASA hope that everything goes well and that their calculations are correct. However, even if something were to slightly go wrong, the researchers stated that they have another two chances to make the required alterations. 

Mars Helicopter

Mars Helicopter To Travel Soon

This will be the first time that Mars will be inspected via an aerial vehicle. Mars has before been examined via orbiters, flybys, rovers, and landers. 

One major challenge that the designers faced is that Mars’ atmosphere is much thicker than Earth. That’s why they had to design unique lightweight blades. Furthermore, Mars’ cold temperature will test the strength of the aerial vehicle. 


Ingenuity is 49 inches tall with 1.2 meters long blades. Scientists revealed that the Mars helicopter is made out of new technology and other off-the-shelf common materials. After it is deployed, it will use solar power to create energy. 

There is a huge distance between Earth and Mars, and so, scientists won’t be able to control the helicopter while it is on its way. The scientists controlling the aerial vehicle will know the status and condition of Ingenuity only after the flight. 

Ingenuity contains two eyeballs, one has a colored camera and the other has a black and white one. 

Mars helicopter has been named by a high schooler from Alabama, Vanessa Rupani.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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