This Hydrogen-Powered Super-Car Can Recharge In 5 Minutes And Promises 1,000-Mile Range

hydrogen-powered super-car

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A hydrogen-powered super-car by Hyperion has just been revealed. It is called the new XP-1 currently. Photos of this new car reveal that it looks like an outer space Bugatti. 

The company stated that their latest venture has been a result of almost 10 years of constant research, testing, and development in the area of hydrogen technology. Hyperion also said that more than 200 scientists and researchers were involved in this project. It is Hyperion’s first step towards promoting hydrogen-based super-cars. 

The exterior of the prototype is bold and strong. It is surely impressive with its futuristic look. However, Hyperion did not reveal a lot of details about this model. One thing we know about this hydrogen-powered super-car is that its bodywork has reinforced titanium. And, that it’s air intake is “vortex-forced.”

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From what has been revealed, it looks like the car features “v-wing” doers. It also has a glass canopy based wrap around that can be tinted automatically, in case the owner needs privacy. Some of the other features that this super-car boasts of is that it has LED lighting units, active aerodynamic side blades that helps the car’s turns, and it has a Kevlar composite diffuser. Solar panels have been put as a cover in the side blades. The company also revealed that these solar panels can follow the movement of the Sun. 

And finally, this hydrogen-powered super-car boasts thick 20 and 21 inch wheels, featuring Pirelli P Zero tires. They also have huge ceramic discs with 18 and 17 inches on the front and rear respectively. 

Hydrogen-Powered Super-Car To Educate Masses On The Benefits Of Hydrogen

hydrogen-powered super-car

Not much was revealed of the car’s insides. However, the company said that it has a great gesture to control technology and a 98-inch curved display. The seats are carbon fiber and are luxuriously wrapped in hand-stitched leather. 

Hyperion did not go into too many details about its technical aspects. They however added that the car’s fuel cell has a proton exchange membrane, ultracapacitor energy-storing technology, and a hydrogen storage system wrapped around in carbon fiber. 

They also revealed that this hydrogen-powered super-car is capable of covering 0-60 mph in around 2.2 seconds. They also said that it speeds up to 221 mph. The model is slightly slanted so that it can hit a range of 1,016 miles. Moreover, this super-car takes only five minutes to be refueled. 

Hyperion promised that this car is extremely light with 2,275 lbs. This is due to the light bodywork and carbon titanium monocoque. It will further have an independent double-wishbone suspension made out of a very light aluminum alloy. 


The company further said that they introduced this hydrogen-powered super-car because they wanted to use hydrogen technology. They also added that the car has lithium-ion batteries that have an extended charging time. 

Angelo Kafantaris, CEO of Hyperion, stated that this hydrogen-powered super-car is in part an educational device. She said that the scientists were always aware of hydrogen’s benefits. Now, even the masses will get to know about it. 

Image Credit: Hyperion

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