Monsanto Employees Wanted To ‘… Beat the S*** Out of’ Moms Worried About Their Weedkiller


A series of derogatory emails dating back to 2013 from an executive of Monsanto was acquired by lawyers involved in the legal suit for victims who claimed that the pesticides in the company’s Roundup weedkiller caused cancer in them. In the emails, the executive had used the sentence “beat the shit out of”, while addressing a group of mothers who had addressed the company concerning the Roundup weedkiller. They wanted the American agricultural biotechnological company to stop selling the product. 

The New Food Economy revealed the series of emails exchanged between Dr. Daniel Goldstein from the Monsanto company and two other people from another consultancy. The conversation revolved around the matter of an open letter that the company had received from Moms Across America. They were discussing the appropriate way to respond to the letter. It is to be noted that Moms Across America is an advocacy group that works at the grassroots level. 

The emails were uncovered during the process of discovery for a lawsuit that was filed against Bayer for selling the weedkiller. Bayer is the parent company of Monsanto. According to the findings of a total of three separate juries, those people who consumed their weedkiller got diagnosed with cancer. 

Monsanto Against Moms Of America

The open letter was directed towards Hugh Grant, the then CEO of Monsanto. The letter carried some scientific evidence with regard to one of the active ingredients found in Roundup, glyphosate, which is closely related to cancer. They also went on to denounce the marketing of those seeds that were used for foods that were genetically modified. The Moms group clearly stated that the selling of GMO seeds and the use of glyphosate and other harmful pesticides by Monsanto had to be stopped. They also added that the health of the nation had to be the first priority of the company. 

According to the emails that were caught between Dr. Goldstein and the two other people, the allegations made against Monsanto were said to “pretty nasty”. It was revealed that the doctor from Monsanto was busy making his arguments to “beat the shit out of” the Moms group.

Dr. Goldstein was not the only one to use degrading language. He was accompanied by two fellow participants as well. Bruce Chassy, a former professor at the Illinois University, mentioned something about attacking the Moms group as a reply to the letter. To this, Wayne Parrot, the third member added that it would be a wrong decision to do so. Parrot is a crop scientist from the University of Georgia. 


Bayer’s Blunder

The President of the EWG, Ken Cook, gave a statement with regard to the nature of emails that got revealed. It was said that Monsanto is a company that did not take into account the health of its consumers. And that the company had no respect for the mothers who were concerned about their children’s health. The President threw light upon Bayer’s decision to buy Monsanto. He claimed that the former had made a huge mistake in doing so. Bayer acquired the company in the year 2018.

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

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