Mom Creates Seat Belt Covers To Warn Emergency Workers Of Children’s Health Issues

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A mother’s empathy can lead to breakthrough progress, especially if it happens to be a mother’s concern for her child’s safety. Natalie Bell, from Australia and a mother of five, was concerned about what could happen if her daughter was caught in an accident and people close to her were unable to respond to her medical conditions or requirements. This apprehension inspired her to invent a personal cover for seat belts that would apprise first responders of any medical condition that the child might have and prompt them to act appropriately.


A Winning Product

Natalie is from the Australian state of Victoria and owns Personalised by Nat, a business where she sells her personalized creations. Most of her items are for children and parents. This particular invention is a simple but innovative seat belt cover that can be wrapped around a seat belt. It has a white background and the writings in clear and large bold letters make the job easier from a distance or in poor light conditions.

Natalie first posted the creation on Facebook on June 5. She had always been concerned about her daughter’s medical condition which prevented her to have an MRI. She considered the worst-case scenario where she would be unable to communicate with their rescuers that the cochlear implant that her daughter had did not allow for an MRI. Now she is a bit relieved. The seat belt cover can be used to convey a host of information, medical or otherwise, to first responders about any prior medical or other conditions of the child, even if they are unable to talk.

Simple And Personalized

The simple covers can be fastened onto seat belts or even backpack straps easily. As every child will have a different need, these seat belt covers that Natalie Bell designs are personalized for each customer.

These are personally designed by Natalie and include covers for a host of medical conditions including Autism, Down syndrome, Diabetes, Epilepsy. Some covers also convey the information that the child has problems with communication or will resist help from strangers.

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A Cover For Every Child

Other products that convey medical information like medical bracelets go unnoticed in clothes in case of an accident. But the seat belt covers are the first thing that an emergency responder notices when he arrives at a scene of an accident to rescue or extricate a child. Usually, the people who initially respond are bystanders and they would usually overlook the bracelet. Routine medical information like the blood group can also be added to the cover.

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Natalie sells her products on her website and the seat belt covers go for $15. But due to unusually high demand, the usual time taken is between 15-30 days to deliver a personalized product.


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Some outstanding products that are designed to improve the human condition come from personal necessity. Natalie sensed her child’s vulnerability in case of an accident and that inspired her to create this simple but handy device.

All images: Natalie Bell

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