Every Time You Eat Too Much Junk Food Or Over Spend This Bracelet Shocks You

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Gorging on food regularly or spending beyond your limit is undoubtedly going to give you a shock soon. But then it might be too late. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get shocked and restrained in real-time? We are usually not reticent or self-disciplined enough to stop even when we realize that we are crossing our limits. And for those of us who cannot control our regular habits, Amazon has something innovative to offer.

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Many of our undesirable actions are performed because there is that element of pleasure associated with it. We smoke because we like it even though we realize that it is extremely harmful. The same is the case with junk food. The awareness of the negative effects of certain action does not make us desist from it for the simple reason that it is gratifying and enjoyable. And that is exactly the reason why Pavlok is eventually so effective.

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When you think of it, Pavlok can effectively break many of your troublesome habits in every sphere of work. It can stop you from wasting your time online. It prevents you from the habit of binge-eating or eating junk food. It breaks many of your annoying habits like nail-biting, smoking, and oversleeping. The review of the product avers that Pavlok works best for those who can’t seem to wake up early.

Image: TheRxReview

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The bracelet works in a rather simple way. The creators of this device say it is akin to food poisoning. Every time you suffer from it, an intense dislike grows for the food that caused it and after several times you stop taking the food. This is what they term as aversive conditioning – making a person apathetic to action or repulsed by a practice.

Repetition ultimately makes the person repelled or sickened by the very sensation of that act; it may be overeating or smoking. The disconcerting stimulus of even a mild shock is enough to make you averse to that negative behaviour. As this uncomfortable stimulus is repeated it becomes ingrained in your brain and you begin to question the need for the negative traits like smoking or overeating.

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The product opened to mixed reviews with some people finding it extremely useful. It helped to nip the cravings just when they started to vacillate. As of now, it is still the only apparatus that stops cravings once they start and prevents them from beginning in the first place.

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